Advantages of a Farmers Market

marketA farmers market is gathering of individual merchants, agricultural workers in their majority, who sell produce, meat products, fruits and sometimes prepared foods and beverages from booths, tables or stands, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the advantages that a farmers fair provides are the fact that producers sell directly to consumers, minimizing profit loss by dispensing with the middleman; consumers get to buy organic fruits and vegetables direct from Certified Organic farms; as well as enjoy fresh, seasonally-grown food that was produced within a drivable distance from their homes; also more capital remains in the consumers’ community.

Farmers markets are an essential fixture of the urban-farm relationship, and have experienced an ongoing rise in popularity, largely because of the consumer’s growing interest in acquiring fresh produce straight from the farm. These markets enable consumers to have access to locally grown, fresh products, and allows agricultural workers the opportunity of developing a personal relationship with their customers, a crucial step towards customer loyalty. Direct marketing of farm products through farmers fairs has remained an important sales outlet for agricultural producers everywhere. As of mid-2010, there were over six thousand farmers markets operating in the United States alone. Farmer markets, however, are a global phenomenon.